Plastic Artist.

The work of Emiliano Sosa beckons from a harrowing story. Within it, the most properly human narcissistic wound, that that strikes the always illusory certainty over which our certainties nests, opens, bursts, turns on."

Who I am

Emiliano Sosa was born in 1982 in Capital Federal, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Receives his firsts artistic teachings form the hand of the Master Jorge R. Mieri, and then joins the Arts School of La Plata, where he graduates in the year 2010 as a Professor of Plastic Arts, with a Ceramic orientation. While in college, he works in the Mold Department of the Museum of Natural Science perfecting restoration and molding techniques. In 2011 he joins, with an internship, the Sculpture Workshop of Leo Vinci, where he still attends as a teacher as well as an student. His work has been exhibited collectively and individually in different places, such as the Beato Angélico Museum, Museum of Natural Science, La Plata Senate, Metropolitan Design District of Barracas Capital Federal, many Street Sculpture Exhibitions also in Barracas, the Biennial of Fire Arts of Berazategui, and an individual exhibition at the Music College where he displayed 29 ceramic violins, with a violinist performing five live sonnets specially composed for the event.


Wath I do

Working with an array of different materials such as resin, stone, wood, metal and concrete, Emiliano Sosa stages a criticism to a society understood as a complex plot for the wellbeing of a few, and the exploitation of the many through different mechanisms such as education, the media and religion.


My Works